Dayana Yastremsky dramatic lost in the 1/8 finals of Wimbledon

Даяна Ястремская драматично проиграла в 1/8 финала Уимблдона

19-year-old Ukrainian Dayana Yastremsky was not able to overcome the stage of 1/8 finals at Wimbledon. Ukrainian in three sets lost to Shuai Zhang.

Shuai Zhang – Dayan Yastremsky 2:1 (6:4, 1:6, 6:2)

At the start of the first set Dayan gave his serve that proved decisive. She was not given any of my supply and made a party in the asset.

In the second set Yastremsky left no chance to the 50th racket of the world. Diane made two breaks and easily won the set with the score 6:1.

At the start of the third set Yastremsky lost her serve and started to lose 2:0. In the third game Diana made the break, and then took a medical time-out.

Later tennis players again exchanged breaks, but the Chinese did two more and won the fight.