DCH Yaroslavl invest in the modernization of the capital shopping center “Caravan” of $8 million

DCH Ярославского вложит в модернизацию столичного ТРЦ "Караван" $8 млн

Aleksandr Yaroslavskyy’s DCH group plans to upgrade the shopping center “Karavan” in Kiev. According to Delo.ua the volume of committed business on the project investment resources will be about $8 million In the DCH press service confirmed this information.

“We are talking about changing the concept of the Kiev shopping center “Caravan” – bringing it into line with the current market. Will updated interior (changed the configuration sections), modernized the exterior of the building, landscaped the surrounding area. At the same time, a new concept will be a logical continuation of the present, which confirmed its success over 15 years of unit history: available shopping and entertainment. As a result of planned changes is expected to increase attendance of the SEC and the concomitant improvement of business indicators”, – stated in the message of the company.

As you know, corporate management company network TEC “Karavan” was purchased by the Alexander Yaroslavsky in 2013. Until the fall of 2016, the businessman has developed this business together with the American investment Fund Citi Venture Capital International and Apollo, and then bought their shares and became the sole owner of the asset.

As previously reported, the Alexander Yaroslavsky ‘ DCH currently conducts active investment activity. The businessman bought over the last few years a number of iconic industrial enterprises (Kharkiv tractor plant, the Dnieper metallurgical plant), mine “Sukha Balka”, IC “INGO Ukraine”.

According to medium term program of modernization of Khartsyzsk pipe in the reorganization of production during the several years invested 230 million UAH. Yaroslavl has announced the creation on the basis of the enterprise the multifunction of the business system “Ecopolis HTZ”, which in addition to industrial components will also include logistics, it, educational, medical, shopping, etc. the Project designed for 10 years, the forecast investment amounts to $1 billion.

Also to optimize the management of mining business of Aleksander Yaroslavskiy in the implementation phase of major investment projects in the DCH group created division of DCH Steel. The volume of investments in the development of the Dnieper metallurgical plant and mine “Sukha Balka” is planned in the amount of $200 million.