“Dead fellows, came in a dream”: in the diocese of Vinnytsia hanged a veteran of the anti-terrorist operation

''Мертвые собратья приходили во сне'': на Винниччине повесился ветеран АТО

In Zhmerinka Vinnytsia oblast, 44-year-old veteran of the ATO Igor SAS was found hanged.

As reports “33 Kanal”, 17 February demobilized soldier was buried. According to the newspaper, a man complained of a constant headache.

In a press-service of the regional police reported that on February 16 the local police received a complaint that the private house was found hanged man. Traces of violent death was no note left.

Investigators are waiting for forensic examination. Open criminal proceedings on the fact of premeditated murder marked “suicide.”

It is noted that the SAS before the war in the Donbass worked as an electrician, and in 2014 was one of the first who went to defend Ukraine. He served in the 72 brigade (White Church) a driver-mechanic. Along with his fellow was near Sverdlovsk, Amvrosievka, Krasnopartizanskiy, Maryanovka.

“He covered the guards, as they were not equipped with heavy machinery and could not resist the invasion. At first everything was calm as could rebuff”, – leads edition of the words friends of the deceased.

“And then began Zelenopole… the Militants had carried out shots from distance more than 15 km from the state border with the Russian Federation. Equipment destroyed, the reinforcements were not. Igor tried to remember how he had to take a KAMAZ killed, among whom were looking for their children. When he miraculously escaped from the hell in the military part of Igor stuffed calming pills, because his hands were shaking. Came home shell-shocked, half lost hearing,” he told them.

According to them, after the war, Igor was silent, and the dead brothers “came” to him in a dream.

“I heard that recently Igor SAS was treated in the Carpathians, later in a medical facility. After discharge has not become easier. Family was always close and the did not leave. And in the morning his wife and daughter went to buy a wedding dress. Igor was supposed to come old mother, but did not. Found him already hanging on the crossbar,” said the Deputy Zhmerinskogo city Council Olga paschuk.