Dead girl saved the lives of five children

Умершая девочка спасла жизнь пятерым детям

In the UK parents donated heart, lungs, liver, pancreas and two kidneys of the deceased daughter to save the lives of five children. This publication reports The Mirror.

Ella Thatcher of the English village Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex, suffered from a rare form of pediatric epilepsy – dravet syndrome. Parents of ten girls did not lose hope for her recovery as her condition markedly improved.

In 2018, Ella was in the hospital with an acute attack of epilepsy, for some time, she stopped breathing. The paramedics managed to bring the patient to the feeling and immediately deliver to the London children’s hospital. “Ella was examined, and later that night I called doctors and offered to go to a quieter place to talk. I immediately sensed something was wrong, – says the child’s mother Anne. – We were told that Ella has swelling of the brain and the body actually dead.”

Ella’s parents were in the house when the girl was disconnected from the respirator. “When we realized that nothing can help her, we thought about organ donation, says Anna. – Now, thanks to Ella five families can forget about the organization of the funeral.”

The mother of the deceased urged parents who find themselves in a similar situation to help other patients fight for life. “This won’t bring your baby back, but knowing that he saved someone’s life, brings relief,” said the woman.