Deadly coronavirus from China: bill gates Foundation allocates $ 10 million to fight the disease

Смертельный коронавирус из Китая: фонд Билла Гейтса выделяет 10 миллионов долларов на борьбу с заболеванием

Is the money going to China and African countries.

Foundation the founder of Microsoft bill gates and his wife Melinda Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation decided to allocate $ 10 million for activities related to the fight against the spread of the deadly coronavirus from China.

It is noted that half of this amount will be spent on combating the virus directly in China, where the Foundation is already working “with a number of Chinese partners from the public and private sectors.” Another 5 million will go to assist African centers for control and prevention of diseases. These measures will include technical support for the implementation of screening and immediate treatment.

The virus has spread in several Asian countries, came into France, USA, Canada and Australia. According to the latest data, the number of victims of coronavirus in China has increased to 80 people, the number of patients in the country officially exceeded 2,700 people.