Deadly coronavirus: the “Boryspil” passengers from China will measure body temperature

Смертельный коронавирус: в "Борисполе" пассажирам из Китая будут измерять температуру тела

This will be checked with an infrared thermometer.

Due to the outbreak of deadly coronavirus from Wuhan, which claimed the lives of 41 people, at the airport “Boryspil” passengers of direct flights from China the staff of the Ministry of health will measure body temperature. Innovation begins on Sunday, January 26.

About it have informed in a press-service of the Ministry of health of Ukraine.

The Ministry noted that on January 26 the nearest scheduled flight from China which will arrive at the airport “Borispol”. The passengers of the aircraft will meet the specialists of the sanitary-quarantine units. They will carry out temperature screening by infrared thermometers.

The health Ministry noted that on January 25, the world health organization updated its recommendations on early detection of diseases at points of entry to countries, which have not been infection with a coronavirus.

Previous experience of the who showed that the introduction of screening of body temperature to identify potential suspected cases of coronavirus have required significant investment and was not effective enough.

Thus, earlier in the organization called this method of identifying patients at airports expensive and inefficient. However, during the outbreak of coronavirus in 2020 significant part of a deadly virus from China on the ground were discovered thanks to thermal screening. The health Ministry said that it will significantly reduce the risks of getting a probable pathogen in the country.

The Ministry also noted that to minimize the risk of infection with coronavirus, the who recommends that conventional methods of SARS prevention.

On January 24 the Minister of health Zoryana Skaletska said that in Ukraine there have been three cases of suspected disease coronavirus, two of which were not confirmed.

Earlier today, 25 January, Reuters reported that in China as a result of the disease died 41 persons, the number of confirmed cases stood at 1287.

In different countries detected more than 1.3 thousand people infected with the coronavirus.