Deadly: scientists have made a sensational statement about vitamin C

Смертельно опасен: ученые сделали сенсационное заявление о витамине C

Ascorbic acid is considered one of the most useful vitamins for human health. However, the studies of the medical school of the University of concepción, have shown that vitamin C can become “fuel” for cancer cells. As reported the study lasted about 20 years.

As shown by the results, about 20 kinds of cancer cells absorb ascorbic acid, and in this way fed. “Vitamin C, so necessary for the normal functioning of the human body, has many functions mainly as an antioxidant and a kind of Builder of human tissues,” – said one of the study’s authors. According to experts, they don’t want after this experiment all thought that ascorbic acid is a deadly threat, but the conclusions made by them, testifies to this.

However, scientists pointed to the fact that vitamin C is also active and feeds healthy cells, actively involved in the production of collagen, which is essential to man. Ascorbic acid strengthens the immune system. The scientists said that vitamin C in much greater volume stimulates cancer cells in cancer, blood, prostate and breast, compared with healthy nourishment of body cells.