Dealers have stopped selling parts for Lada Vesta Sport

Дилеры временно прекратили продажу деталей на Lada Vesta Sport

In Russia, more and more motorists seek to transform the regular version in the sport.

Because of this, the demand for parts and components from Vesta Sport. For example, demand for air filters, black headlining, sports exhaust muffler, and so on.

However, independent modification of the standard “vest” in the “Sport” is not like dealers. In the official centres of AVTOVAZ, the manufacturer has sent notifications of the following content:

“In connection with the increased demand for Vesta range Sport used for tuning a stock car during a marketing campaign to promote the products report that the shipment of spare parts used for commercial use, will be suspended,” the newsletter quoted Lada. online. So soon wish yourself to give the usual “Lada Vesta” sports character will have to wait.