Death by fire in Gornostaevka

Смерть при пожаре в Горностаевке

Last night rescuers of the Kherson region received a message about the emergency.

In the urban-type settlement of Gornostaevka, on Shevchenko street, burned a private house. On-site emergency neighbours had discovered the body of a host – 81-year-old man. When the fire burned the sofa, on which, probably, was lost.

The fire is extinguished by the same local people on the area of 2 sq. m.

There was also such a tragic event as the death of a person due to improper use of stove heating.

If front of the stove there is a protective metal pad, and the furniture and household things are closer than one meter from a burning stove – then surely the probability of a fire in the home increases many times.