Death emiliano Sala: all the news of the tragedy

Смерть Эмилиано Сала: все новости трагедии

The plane with the football player emiliano Sala lost 21 Jan 2019. year. He flew to Cardiff, where he was to join his new team. The plane with the player disappeared from radar over the channel.

The plane’s disappearance over the English channel

Info about what over the channel disappeared in a small plane Piper Malibu, appeared on Monday, January 21. The plane at 19:15 French time departed from Nantes and went to Cardiff. 20:23 GMT, the plane disappeared from radar controllers. At 20:30 was launched search and rescue operation.

That on Board the missing aircraft was a footballer emiliano Sala became known on the morning of the next day. He was the only passenger on this plane. Besides him, there was only the pilot.

Emiliano Sala was flying to Cardiff. The day before departure – 20 January, the player signed a contract with the local club. It was a record purchase of Cardiff city FC. For him, the club from Wales paid nearly 18 million pounds. To the destination the player never flew.

Смерть Эмилиано Сала: все новости трагедии

Map of route of the aircraft with emiliano Sala and the possible location of his disappearance

A request for an emergency landing

Shortly before it disappeared from radar, the pilot requested an emergency landing on the island of Guernsey in the English channel when he was at the height of 1500 meters. However, at an altitude of 700 meters communication with the aircraft was lost. It is near this island and started a search operation.

The search operation

Despite the fact that the search operation started almost immediately, however, to find the wreckage or bodies and failed. The first night, January 21, was prevented by bad weather, which was in the Strait. In addition, over the site of a possible plane crash was the fog, which also complicates the search.

The statement “Cardiff” and “Nantes”

Emiliano Sala moved to the “Cardiff” from French club Nantes. Both the football team expressed hope that the player will be found alive. And “Cardiff” was postponed workout that day.

“All of us at Cardiff city FC would like to thank our fans and the entire football community for their support in this difficult time. We continue to pray for positive news,” said “Cardiff”.

“Nantes” is transferred your France match, which was scheduled for January 23, for the weekend.

Flowers from fans

Fans of both clubs have begun to bring flowers to the stadiums and Central squares of their cities.

The discovery of the wreckage

Wednesday, January 23, it became known that the rescuers found the wreckage of metal and a cushion near which floated a few small items. No trace of the people is not detected. However, to say exactly what it is the remnants of the plane, which flew emiliano Sala is impossible.

Last post player

Later it became known that emiliano Sala has sent a voice message in WhatsApp group chat before the aircraft he was flying disappeared from radar over the channel.

Hey guys. How do you get there? I’m absolutely exhausted. In Nantes was doing things, things, things and things. Now I’m on a plane, who seems on the verge of collapse. I’m going to Cardiff. Tomorrow I will train with new team
said Fat.

A little later the striker sent another message: “you, brothers and sisters, is everything okay? If after half an hour you will have news from me, I don’t know, you will need to send someone to find me. Dad, I’m really scared…”.

The ability to survive

The chances that emiliano Sala and the pilot survived. This option considers the police.

  • They landed in a different place, but not yet in contact.
  • They landed on the water, were picked up the boat, which was close to but not in contact.
  • They landed on the water and have used a life raft that was aboard the plane.
  • The plane disintegrated upon contact with water, leaving them in the sea.

Cessation searches

Thursday, January 24, police in Guernsey said that they stop the search for a missing football player and a pilot.

“Despite thorough searches in the area, approximate area of which is 1700 miles, monitoring of mobile communications and satellite imagery, we were unable to find any trace of the aircraft, pilot or passenger. After analyzing all available data, we made the difficult decision to stop the active phase of the operation to search emiliano Sala and the pilot. The chances of their survival is extremely low. Our thoughts are with family of the pilot and passenger during this difficult time for them”, – said in a statement to the police.

Honoring the missing player

“Nantes” and “Cardiff” during their home games honored the memory of the missing player.

The discovery of the remains of the plane

After the police officially stopped searching aircraft and emiliano Sala David Ibbotson, doing private rescue. And one of them – David Merns – managed to find the wreckage. However, the presence of the bodies were not reported. And the discovery is under the supervision of the Office of accident investigation (AAIB)

Body detection and recognition

On the morning of 3 February, the rescuers found a body among the wreckage of the plane, which was flying the player. Some days they could not get the body because of the strong tidal conditions. Few days later rescuers managed to pull the body to the surface.

On 8 February, the police confirmed that the body that was found on Board the wreck of the aircraft and brought to the surface is a 28-year-old Argentine footballer emiliano Sala.

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