Death in kindergarten: what we learned about the death of a child strangled by nanny

Смерть в детсаде: что стало известно о гибели ребенка, задушенного няней

Recently became aware of the terrible tragedy in Zaporozhye, which happened in late may.

51-year-old Irina Sukhanova staged in his apartment illegal kindergarten, which killed a year-old child. It soon became clear that zaporozhane she strangled the baby with a pillow. Such a conclusion, the investigators made on the basis of recording camera footage that the nanny tried to destroy.

Now she is arrested without the right of bail, she faces up to 15 years in prison. Page in Facebook women filled with curses from the Ukrainians.

“Country” tells the details of this murder, shows how lived and raised other people’s children Sukhanova, and also took the life of one of them.

On the morning of may 29 in an apartment on the street Avramenko in Zaporozhye was called the ambulance. The medical team who arrived on the scene, was forced to admit the death of one-year-old girls. Documentation of medical reason was: “due to the closure of the respiratory tract, gastric contents”.

On the scene arrived police. They found that the mistress of two bedroom apartments arranged it like a private kindergarten. Documents that would have legalized such activities, the ladies in Zaporozhye often was not.

Principal investigator Zaporozhye region, Deputy chief of national police Oleg Grigoriev made a statement. Among other things, the enforcer noted that there is a video. She investigations led the police to prove women’s involvement in the murder.

Grigoriev added that he had sent a petition to the election of a suspect measure of restraint. Namely, detention. Eventually it was published and that same video was talking about the investigator.

It shows a guest room, a sofa, covered with a white sheet. It is a baby with a pacifier in his mouth. Next two more children, but are older, they play. The woman in the home shirt is suitable to the baby and tying him in the face with something, like a pillow, and carries into the next room. Then account suspended.

As it turned out, video surveillance cameras, the woman tried to destroy and partially it succeeded. But the fact remained that had the officers in charge.

Accurate data on what exactly the girl died, yet. Or from suffocation, or, as lawyers say parents – choking on vomit. Lawyers said that the child cried so much that, apparently, the nanny was not amused. For this reason, it is tightly tied to the girl’s face.

According to media reports, the accused in the murder of a nanny “at home” name is Irina Sukhanova, her 51 years.

Profile in Facebook is quite normal for women her age, actively updated. After the study it can be concluded that Sukhanova, at least three of his daughters.

One was a student in primary or middle classes. In March of this year participated in the championship of Zaporizhzhya region in Wushu. The second – is a student in February, got a driver’s license, what Sukhanova and congratulated her on his page. Third – the eldest, lives alone, and has already became a mother myself.

House Irina Sukhanova there is an aquarium with bright fish, two parrot Timosha and Kapucha, and a large white cat of breed the Sphinx. Apparently, the Pets she loves, because even wrote poetry-greetings with their nicknames on the New 2020. In them, a woman called to this kindness, and was waiting for happiness, which as a result knocked on the door.