Death of Julia Nachalova: the singer’s father told about told about her treatment

Смерть Юлии Началовой: отец певицы рассказал о рассказал о ее лечении

Sudden death of Russian singer Yulia Nachalova the stirred media. The actress died at the age of 38, that confused the public. The first news decided to comment on the relatives of stars, in particular, her father Victor Nachalov.

In an interview, “Komsomolkaya Pravda”, he decided to tell about the reasons of death of Russian singer. Not spared the man and questions about rumors that have engulfed the network. In particular, the relative star has denied the information about lupus.

The father of the deceased artist called the cause of her death: his daughter was infected with blood, causing heart failed and stopped. According to relatives of the actress, Julia Nachalova later went to doctors, which in the end became her fatal mistake.

It is not the doctors… she had a wound on the big toe of the right foot. As corn. Very much rubbed. She wanted her to treat… In General, the foot cleaned, thought a few days we will go home. And the abscess went septic. Night rather to a different hospital she was moved, where equipment is better. After the first blow she dealt, and the second could not resist… Heart failed… Later turned
– said Victor Nachalov.

The father of Julia Nachalova added that his daughter rarely complained about the condition and said that leg pain is nothing, which will soon pass. She put ineffective lotions and not shared with relatives with the details of treatment. So Victor Nachalov I am sure: if not self, there would be a chance to save the singer.

In addition, the man admitted that his daughter had high levels of sugar that did not contribute to her recovery. After a simple operation, Yulia Nachalova felt better and even answered emails. And in a few days died in hospital.

Was a significant indicator of blood sugar. The doctors were able to reduce. In the hospital, she had surgery on her leg. And not such a difficult operation – cut the leg, cleaned. After that, she was cheerful, funny. Look, I already SMS sending, smiling. She even joked: “Dad, don’t worry, to sing,
– remember Victor Nachalov.

In his words, gout can occur in stars with rapid weight loss. At the time, Yulia Nachalova refused to eat and had a diagnosis of “anorexia”. Perhaps the weight loss has triggered the development of gout.

Singer Julia Nachalova, which acted in the occupied territories of Ukraine, was hospitalized on March 11. According to preliminary information, the doctors found the red erythematosus, double pneumonia, sepsis and gangrene. 38-year-old Russian hooked up to a ventilator, and later entered into a state of drug-induced coma. 16 March 2019 relatives and officials reported the death of Julia Nachalova.