“…Death promise”: Turkey is preparing for the “Eastern” war with the United States and Russia

«...Погибель сулят»: Турция готовится к «восточной» войне с США и Россией

The video of the Turkish army “declared war” the two main partenrs Ankara.

The Turkish Ministry of defense recently conducted a video presentation of their newest cruise missile, designed to “protect” Turkey from external threats. Protokollalla missiles (ASM) has named Atmaca, and her “land,” sister cruise missile (CU) got the name SOM.

The video demonstrates how the CRP affects Atmaca American cruiser, and CU SOM destroy a land target, which “covers the earth” Russian anti-aircraft missile system s-125. Trying to demonstrate the entire Turkish power as “fabulous” video inadvertently offended last two partners of the Turkish President Erdogan.

The Turkish army is the strongest army of NATO after the us. Largely contributed to this view-developed defense industry of Turkey, which allows the country to arm the army’s own military equipment, not just buy them from other countries. However, to acquire sophisticated military hardware to the Turks prefer to purchase from Moscow and Washington.

A video in which a new Turkish missiles “hit” the American and Russian goals Ankara decided to demonstrate their independence. This independence can even be regarded as a sign that Turkey is preparing for war with Russia and the United States, but we must not forget that despite all the ambitions of the descendants of the Turkish sultans, Turkey is too weak for a confrontation with Russia, not to mention in another hemisphere, the United States. However, I recall lines from a famous song of the cartoon “Aladdin” –

On wonderful East!

About magic land!

Here poison and Bulat

Death promise

So watch your back!