Death sentence handed down to the Japanese for the murder of 19 people

Смертный приговор вынесен японцу за убийство 19 человек

The district court in Yokohama (Japan), death sentence, Uematsu Satoshi, who in July 2016 killed 19 people in the nursing home. On it informs Agency Kiodo.

“He took the life of 19 persons, even in comparison with other murder is a terrible crime,” said the judge.

Satoshi Uematsu in 2016 with a knife attacked residents at an institution for people with intellectual disabilities in the city of Sagamihara.

While in the hospital were 150 patients aged 18 to 75 years. The attack of the attacker killed 19 people, another 20 were injured.

It is known that Uematsu has previously worked in this institution for three years and quit a few months before the incident.

During the investigation the man said he did not see patients with mental disabilities of people and wishes to free them from suffering.

The tragedy was the mass murder in Japan since the end of the 1930-ies, the number of victims, it has surpassed even the terrorist gas attack in the Tokyo subway, which was committed by a religious sect “AUM Shinrikyo”.