Death Stranding: release date and game trailer

Death Stranding: дата выхода и трейлер игры

Game Stranding is one of the most anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusives. Now in the network appeared the release date of the Death of Stranding, a description, and a trailer for the game.

So, now it became known that Death Stranding to be released on November 8 this year.

Description Death Stranding

This is an original action game in which players must restore the link between the isolated cities on the planet. The game was created in such a way that all its components, including the story and gameplay, imbued with a common theme of Association.

Trailer Death Stranding: video 18+

The actors who played the heroes Death Stranding

As you can see in the trailer, the main character uses a futuristic items of equipment, on-the-go creating objects. He always runs, fights and rides a motorcycle. The main character is called Sam. It was played by Norman Reedus is the star of the band “Boondock Saints” and the TV series “the Walking dead”.

Death Stranding: дата выхода и трейлер игры

Main character Death Stranding Norman Reedus

The main antagonist of the game was the character of the actor Mads Mikkelsen. Apart from them, the clip featuring Guillermo del Toro and French actress Lea seydoux.

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