“Death to AIDS”: the Aspirin assists in 35% of cases – the scientists

To such conclusion scientists working at the University of Manitoba. His experiments they conducted in Kenya.

«Смерть для СПИД»: Аспирин помогает в 35% случаев - ученые

It turned out that aspirin assists in 34% of cases. Maybe soon it will be called “death to AIDS.”

However, research was only carried out on Kenyan women and only those that are not in the risk zone. They tested the risk of Contracting AIDS, in principle.

To “effectively” to infect humans, the virus, you need the corresponding cells in the genitals that are particularly vulnerable to its effects.

The studied women were administered a special drug, which was the aspirin. It turned out that already after 6 weeks the number of “vulnerable” cells in their sexual organs dropped by 35%.

Them kept watching for a few years. The results have encouraged scientists. All women were not affected by AIDS.

However, as experts believe, the aspirin may not serve as a preventive measure. At the same time, it can be a good Supplement to the measures of protection used by those who are at risk.

Scientists intend to further study the properties of aspirin in this respect. They do not exclude that, over time, will be able to devise more effective drug dosage.

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