Dec 8: the people’s calendar and astrometric

8 декабря: народный календарь и астровестник

Today, cold climate; I know the winter earth fluffy snow, why cocks crow, and what changes to prepare.

In this day the Church commemorates the Holy Martyr Clement, the Pope. And the people, they simply said Klima. “The Klim winter fight fire with fire, the Cossack frost scares”, “On the climate control winter snow land fluffy carpets,” – said the elderly. Once it was: how come Archangel Michael on a white horse, it’s as good as real winter and installed. Although a slight warming could be: if the roosters on climate too has sung – the cold and could “sit down”.

The Klim women spun, wove, and embroidered. It should be noted that girls as well as boys, from childhood, into the work: every possible help to cope at home, embroidering. Weaving was started to do years fifteen. This was due to the size of crasen (or loom). Only the height and build of the girl allowed her to master the weaving process. And not only that: for example, to knead the dough in the barrel had to have too much power. Remember how mocked her younger daughter, a fragile Malakoi old Cidalia, offering a son to the wife substitute bench when she started to knead the dough. Spinning and needlework was compulsory for girls in the age category 15 – 18 years. Only when the development of these crafts she received the right to attend youth meetings – evenings.

Birthdays today Klim, Peter, Gregory, Ivan, Vasily, Yaroslav, Victor.

12-13 day of the moon, the Moon will move to Taurus workaholic. In addition, mercury completes its path through Scorpio and tomorrow will move into the sign of Sagittarius. We are waiting for the quite unexpected news as well as a new type of communication in the new environment. Changing the type of processing of the information itself. Our body at the level of the vascular and peripheral nervous system should find a correct response in order to adequately answer what will happen. Today a “day settings”. Therefore, possible circulatory problems, failure in thinking, mood and thoughts. Definitely “transitional” state. No important cases. Just rest.

According to the Central geophysical Observatory of Ukraine, the coldest this day was in Kiev in 1959 – -19,7 and the warmest in the 1960 – +12,2.