Decided to protect the girls: a Ukrainian hero killed at the supermarket

Решил защитить девушек: с украинским героем расправились у супермаркета

Defender of Ukraine was brutally beaten after he stood up for the girls.

So, fighter of battalion “Azov” made the remark to the man who molested the girls. After that, the culprit had beaten him until he lost consciousness.

Itself the military was in Zaporozhye during the holidays, having arrived there from the area of environmental protection. Around midnight, near a supermarket he noticed how hitting on girls.

“He made a remark to the young man who molested the girls. This has led to conflict and aggressive youngster struck the victim blows to the head, after which he lost consciousness”, – stated in the message.

From the scene of the incident have seized surveillance cameras. Doctors assess the casualty’s condition as serious. The culprit managed to find – it was a local resident born in 1991. Detained for assault threatens from five till eight years of imprisonment.

It later emerged that the victim’s name is Oleg Cherevko. He already had surgery, but the fighter and then is in a coma.

“He has a compound fracture of the base of the skull with displacement of fragments in the brain and dropsy in the brain,” said Eugene long.