Decided to stay in quarantine: what you need to know about the head of the Ministry of health of Ukraine

Решила остаться в карантине: что нужно знать о главе Минздрава Украины

The Minister of health of Ukraine Zoryana Skaletska will spend two weeks in quarantine with evacuees from China Ukrainians to reassure the population. What is known about Skalecki, and what caused it?

The Minister of health of Ukraine Zoryana Skaletska decided to spend two weeks in quarantine along with their fellow citizens, evacuated from China due to outbreaks of the virus COVID-19 and quarantined in a medical center of National guard in the Poltava region. “I hope my presence will soothe as those in New Sanzhary, and the rest of the country,” wrote Skaletska on his page on the social network Facebook.

The incident in New Sanzhary

On the eve of New Sanzhary protesters threw stones at the bus with evacuees from the Wuhan people, opposing their placement in quarantine. As a result of the incident injured nine police officers. Skalecka sharply criticized the actions of the protesters. “These people are our countrymen, they are not strangers to us. We live in one country and have to take care of their health and safety,” she wrote in her post.

The health Minister has urged Ukrainians to support evacuees and thank them “for what they have agreed to hold in isolation for two weeks for the safety of us all.” In addition, Skalecka turned to his daughter, regretting the fact that on 21 February, the day of its 10th anniversary, can’t be home with her.

Ukrainian users of social networks immediately divided into two camps. In the comments under the post Skalecki, of which the evening of 21 February exceeded 7500, some accuse it of cheap populism, demanding “to stop “reality show “Behind the glass” and return to his duties, if not to retire, others thank the Minister for her courageous act and Express her support. DW collected the basic facts about the head of the Ukrainian Ministry of health.

The lawyer at the head of the Ministry of health

Zoryana when Skalecka in 2019 was appointed Minister of health of Ukraine, one of the main claims to it was the fact that Skalecki, unlike its predecessor Uliana Suprun, no specialized education. She is a lawyer, specialist in the field of medical and pharmaceutical law. Got legal education at the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, which he entered, after graduating from high school in Lviv.

After defending his thesis at the faculty of law and administration at the University of Maria Curie-skłodowska in Lublin Skalecka since 2006, taught at the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, in 2015 he became Deputy Dean in the faculty of legal Sciences. Before heading to the Ministry of health, she was also an expert on issues of health reform in the Association “Reanimation package of reforms” and headed the Commission on health care reform the Public Council under the Ministry of health of Ukraine.

The scandal with the appointment of and correspondence Radutsky

Introduction Zoriana skalecki the office of the head of the Ministry of health was accompanied by a scandal. On the day of the announcement of the new Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine present at the session of the Verkhovna Rada journalists filmed and published correspondence from your smartphone the head of the parliamentary Committee on health, health care and health insurance Michael Radutsky. The MP predicted the appointment of Skalecki, calling it “his man”, and in an extremely obscene expressions, commenting on the likelihood that a Minister will remain Suprun.

Radutsky, who before election as the Deputy from the party “servant of the people” was President of a private clinic “Boris”, was considered one of the main contenders for the post of head of the Ministry of health. However, he has publicly stated that he did not intend to take the position, preferring the seat of a government official working in the Parliament. Critics considered Zoryane Skaletsky dependent political figure, suspecting that the new Minister of health will lobby for the interests Radutsky. Skalecka categorically rejects these allegations, and the journalists ‘ questions about relationships with Radutsky says that close is not familiar with it, and that they “intersect only in the ethers”. The question of why radutsky called her “my man”, she offers to forward to the Deputy.

A supporter of health reform

Zoryana Skaletska actively supports the reform of the Ukrainian health system is the main project of her predecessor Ulyana Suprun and repeatedly stated the need to continue reforming the health system, taking into account the mistakes of the old team. In an interview to Ukrainian media she tells in detail about the planned change, arguing that “no other way”.

The health sector of Ukraine is considered to be one of the most neglected and corrupt – no wonder active attempts Ulyana Suprun to eradicate corruption in medicine was accompanied by numerous campaigns to discredit her, up to overt persecution. On the question of why she agreed to lead the Ministry of health, aware of the “neglect of patient”, Skalecka says that he saw a chance to change the situation – using effort and knowledge. She spoke many times about the need to combat the pharmacological mafia, and many expect her to be active in the fight against corruption and monopoly.

The main tasks of the Minister: three plus one

Skalecki once asked: does she have goals, after which you can with a clear conscience to resign as health Minister. She named three: the launch in Ukraine of the system of transplantation, the creation of a network of hospitals of intensive treatment and monitoring system of the epidemiological situation. “The important thing is how we react and warn the outbreak, said Skalecka in an interview with Ukrainian weekly magazine “Boulevard.” – Epidemiological situation in the country is the issue of vaccination, but not only. And we need to understand where and what labs we have, what they can do”.

The story of the evacuation of Ukrainians from the outbreak of the virus COVID-19 China’s Hubei province and mass hysteria around their placement in a sanatorium in New Sanzhary showed that the Ukrainian health care system is another challenge: to regain the trust of citizens and restore the reputation of the Ministry. And the solution to Skalecky to spend two weeks in quarantine with the evacuated people was the first step in this direction.

Решила остаться в карантине: что нужно знать о главе Минздрава Украины

Решила остаться в карантине: что нужно знать о главе Минздрава Украины

Решила остаться в карантине: что нужно знать о главе Минздрава Украины