Declaration with the doctor: it turned out that will, if not make it until April 1

Декларация с врачом: выяснилось, что будет, если не успеть до 1 апреля

The Ministry of health spoke about the right of Ukrainians to “Free diagnosis”

The program “free diagnosis” will be funded in 2019 from the state budget of Ukraine in the amount of 2 billion UAH

Under this program, the Ukrainians will be able to use this package to take 12 tests, mammograms, five types of x-rays, echocardiography, ECG monitoring, and two types of test to determine pathologies of the cardiovascular system, six types of ultrasound, four types of biopsy under ultrasound guidance to remove tumors (soft tissue and skin, nose, throat, ears), to carry out endoscopic examinations and operations one day.

After April 1, 2019 medical assistance will not be financed from the budget for those who did not sign the Declaration with your doctor. The question then arises whether it is available in the Ukrainian program “free diagnostics”?

According to Dazzleby of health of Ukraine, have already signed the Declaration by doctors of 26.2 million Ukrainians. So, for one patient who signed the Declaration, the physician receives 370 hryvnias per year. And for patient’s that have not signed the Declaration, the doctor will pay only 190 per year is provided up to 30 June 2019.

According to the President of the Ukrainian medical club Ivan Soroka, doctors may not refuse someone in need of medical care, even if he had not signed the Declaration. This is a criminal offense.

According to the Chairman of the Board of the Ukrainian medical society of Constantine Inflated, by 2020 the emergency assistance will provide all Ukrainians, and then – unknown. It is also unclear what medical services will be paid and how much it will cost, and what – not.

“And what about those who lead an antisocial lifestyle and is a carrier of an active form of tuberculosis, drugs, HIV patient? For today they do not stand money at all and they will not come to conclude a Declaration with your doctor. Ideally, all this, as it looks good, but in reality… In rural areas to 30 percent do not register, and in the cities is 30-40%,” – said Konstantin Inflated.

Декларация с врачом: выяснилось, что будет, если не успеть до 1 апреля

Декларация с врачом: выяснилось, что будет, если не успеть до 1 апреля