Declassified a device for time travel

Chronovisor allows one to observe the past and the future, says an insider from Rome. So that now just the collapse of the plans of the Vatican and the CIA.

Рассекречен прибор для путешествий во времени

According to the latest insiders in Rome is Chronovisor. Declassified a device for time travel, which belongs to the Pope and his entourage of people. Statements about the unknown device periodically excite the Network with its provocative and not reality. Insiders often call this device the word Chronovisor (Chronovisor). It is known that the device has the ability to travel in time, but not to be in a certain place. Famous writer Hg wells wrote his novel “the time Machine”, where he mentioned about the unusual device.

Рассекречен прибор для путешествий во времени

First started talking about Chronovisor priest Francois Charles Antoine Brunet in the 1960-ies. 972 in Italy, the media published an article, “Finally invented a machine that takes pictures of the past”, and hinted at Chronovisor. Chronovisor is a relatively small object, which is equipped with a plurality of antennas, and consist of precious alloys, cathode ray tubes, some dials and levers. Information about the availability of the device in the Vatican deny.

Contemporary this issue was Alfred Lambremont Webre, who were led to believe that the technology of Chronovisor are fictitious and will not bring people joy, after his cover was blown. There is speculation that the technology of the device transmitted by Britain and the CIA for use in peaceful purposes and scientific research. The collapse of the plans of the Vatican and the CIA provided if the insiders voiced their guesses to the General public, says a source from Italy.

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