Defeat Putin in Ukraine declared in Moscow: “in five years, and could not”

Поражение Путина в Украине признали в Москве: "за пять лет так и не смогли"

During these five years of war and Russian occupation of the Ukrainian territories Putin was not able to “force collapse” Ukrainians out of its way

The steady, but certainly not devoid of problems, movement in the Ukraine, as an independent country – I speak not only worldwide, but also in Moscow itself.

This opinion was expressed by the historian, the Ukrainian political analyst Yevgeny Magda:

“Though the fighting in the Donbas and continuing changes in Ukraine still occur. In the international arena Ukrainian achievements was the entry into force of the Association Agreement with the EU and visa-free regime with the European Union, the recognition of NATO’s right of Ukraine to apply for membership in the Alliance.”

In his blog Ukrainian writes:

“Despite significant loss of infrastructure, “fever” with the hryvnia in 2014, the blockade of Donbass, which led to a shortage of anthracite and cost 1% of GDP, Ukraine’s economy is growing 3 years in a row. The rate of growth can be, but the fact remains positive. It is important to recall that Ukraine is not only over 1000 days, no longer buys Russian gas directly”.

And adds:

“”Naftogaz of Ukraine” has won the Stockholm arbitration court against “Gazprom” in the case of gas contracts of 2009 and can rely on the $ 2.6 billion payment. “Naftogaz” has filed a new lawsuit because of the failure of the Russian party of its obligations on gas transit volumes. As positive aspects, it should be noted that Ukraine has established anti-corruption bodies: NABOO, NAPC, Specialized anticorruption Prosecutor’s office, this year should begin its work of the Highest anti-corruption court. introduced electronic Declaration of income of officials of various levels”.

Eugene Magda also noted that Ukraine has stopped broadcasting Russian TV channels, and it is also evidence of departure from the once usual for Ukrainian influence from Russia:

“So in the spring of 2017 restricted access to Russian social networks and search engines. Significantly decreased the number issued in Russia books which are sold in Ukraine. The Kremlin responds by promoting its own narrative through the Ukrainian at the place of registration channels, online publication, the global social network. The proliferation of fakes and attack the trolls, as the attempt of Pro-Russian hackers to cause damage to Ukraine have become quite common. However, increasing the share of Ukrainian language in television and radio, almost every month, the screens taken out by the Ukrainian team of the film, increasing range of books in the Ukrainian language.

He summed up:

“Established Orthodox Church of Ukraine, which passed more than three hundred communities which formerly belonged to the UOC-MP.”

Ex-MP, Hero of Ukraine, General-Lieutenant Grigory Omelchenko wants the case to personally kill the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin:

“In April 2014 live stream one of the channels I just said, I knew that Putin was listening to that whenever possible Putin will be liquidated by me or my team. And it will all be in the framework of the current legislation and norms of international law “.

“We need to make sure that the non-observance by Russia of international law and a violation of the rules-based order, which for decades was the basis for peace and security for all NATO allies, will have a price and consequences,” – said Stoltenberg.

Поражение Путина в Украине признали в Москве: "за пять лет так и не смогли"

Поражение Путина в Украине признали в Москве: "за пять лет так и не смогли"

Поражение Путина в Украине признали в Москве: "за пять лет так и не смогли"

Поражение Путина в Украине признали в Москве: "за пять лет так и не смогли"