Defeated a barb with an associated hand behind his back, will allow you to choose which, – Tyson fury

Победил бы Усика со связанной рукой за спиной, позволю вам выбрать, какой, – Тайсон Фьюри

British boxer Tyson fury said that it is easy to win Alexander Usik, if their fight will take place. Tyson suggested that maybe it’s to do with the associated hand behind his back.

Fury, who defeated Wladimir Klitschko, has said he does not think about the battle with the Mustache. The latter moved to the heavyweight weight class, so a fight with Tyson in the future is possible.

Honestly, I don’t really think about the Mustache. It is not in my brain waves. He’s not someone who I would have thought, to be honest. I could probably beat a barb with an associated hand behind his back. And I will let you choose the hand with which I will fight. In any case, it will be a good night,
said fury.

British fury volatile boxer and often makes statements that contradict each other. Recently Tyson was asked about the most dangerous boxers. He called the world champion under version WBC Deontay Wilder. Later he remembered and antennae.

Maybe even Alexander Usik. He looks uncomfortable opponent, left-handed, the absolute champion of kruzerveyt (heavy weight, Спорт24), the undefeated world champion. Perhaps he will be the next most difficult challenge
– said Tyson.

Following the fight fury will hold the 14th September against the 28-year-old Otto Vallina at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas (USA).

In turn, Oleksandr Usyk debuts in the heavyweight bout against Tyrone Spong. They will meet the 12th of October in Chicago Wintrust Arena.