Delegates will receive unprecedented salaries, the Ukrainians have sounded the alarm: “we must protest”

Депутаты получат небывалые зарплаты, украинцы забили тревогу: "Нужно протестовать"

New members of Parliament are paid more than retired

According to the journalists of “24 channel”, MPs of the eighth convocation will earn much more ordinary Ukrainians. It’s not like many users on the network.

The income of deputies will increase due to the living wage from 1 July 2019. Now the amount is 1936 hryvnia, and from it believe the salary. In addition, the welfare of the deputies of the ninth convocation will depend on the position.

So, the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada is supposed to issue monthly 12 minimum – 23 232 UAH, his first Deputy – 11, 5 lows (22 UAH 264), Deputy head of Parliament – 11 lows (21 296 USD). In turn, the chairmen of the committees will be able to get 10.5 minimum (20 238 UAH), first deputies and Deputy heads – 10.3 minimum (19 940,80 hryvnia), members of the Committee – 10 lows (19 360 UAH).

Many Ukrainians do not approve of raising the salaries of MPs. They recalled that besides the “servants” in the money needed and ordinary citizens. Commentators fear that the new MPs will be no better than the old and will start to abuse their position for profit:

“If they are “public servants”, their salary should be at the level of the minimum wage or pension, how can the servant receive more than his master?”; “That’s why they are all there and rush up to the trough. They chose the people so let them live like the people then you may receive sympathy and will do something for the people. And not having been in our shoes, not having lived how the people who have elected them, they will continue to get rich and to live luxuriously, mocking us and taking all the laws for myself”; “I do Not like, they are better than ordinary people”.

However, some users did not see anything wrong with decent salaries for MPs. Moreover, I found them quite modest compared to international standards. But the main requirement to the deputies remained unchanged, despite financial changes:

“To work for free then no one will! Premiums, allowances etc. and etc. But the main thing – all for the benefit of the country and not themselves!!!”; “There Zelensky is not guilty. The cost of living and its binding was established under the previous government. Need to protest if already new Parliament will decide his salary increase”; “it’s still very little… the Deputies did not have to the penny! Funny, housekeeper in Poland earns more! 50 Grand salary should be at least”; “what’s This big payday?”; “Acceptable salary, not that previous one”.

Депутаты получат небывалые зарплаты, украинцы забили тревогу: "Нужно протестовать"

Депутаты получат небывалые зарплаты, украинцы забили тревогу: "Нужно протестовать"