Dembelsky chord: GeForce RTX 20-series to rise in anticipation of the Ampere

Дембельский аккорд: видеокарты GeForce RTX 20-й серии подорожают в преддверии выхода Ampere

The company NVIDIA, as you know, is now actively preparing for the announcement and the subsequent withdrawal to market a new generation of video cards on the architecture of Ampere. Against this background, it would seem that current graphics accelerators should be cheaper. But no, everything is at risk to occur is the exact opposite of the video card on the basis of Turing can rise in price contrary to common sense.

According to Chinese sources, NVIDIA has already advised the local manufacturers of video cards about the upcoming increase in the cost of graphics accelerators, starting with the current month. The main reason is recently held in China’s large-scale sale “618”, which resulted in local shortages of some models of video cards. In addition, it is reported about the origin of the increased demand for video cards from miners of cryptocurrency in China.

Both of these reasons affect the Chinese market: in other regions of the large sales was not, and the profitability of mining cryptocurrencies now is that will cover the cost of electricity. It would seem that global market prices on video cards NVIDIA is expected to remain stable. But it turns out there is another reason for the rise in price of graphics cards NVIDIA, which threatens to affect prices on a global scale.

The fact that in anticipation of the change of generations of graphics accelerators NVIDIA has reduced the volume of production of graphics processors and Turing began to increase the inventory of chips generation Ampere. First and foremost this applies to the older GPU, as the flagship graphics cards always come out first. Thus the created volumes of stocks of chips Turing is now noticeably lower than expected: it struck a sudden rise of interest in gaming, provoked by quarantine actions, and the ensuing surge in demand for modern gaming solution. Thus, there is a high probability that the GeForce RTX 20-series in the coming months will be in short supply and expensive.

Not spared the negative price trends and some AMD, but for another and quite unexpected reason. A Chinese source reports that has become more expensive than the old Radeon RX 580 8GB 2048SP, due to increased demand from cryptocurrency miners, and increasing prices of video memory. While more recent Radeon RX Radeon 5000 and even RX Vega remains stable.