Demonstration of climate

Манифестации в защиту климата

“27 degrees 13 October! Do you think this is normal?” and “Change the system, not the climate” – these and many other slogans tens of thousands of people gathered on Saturday on the streets of Paris to urge the French government and the international community to do more to tackle the problem of climate change.

The demonstration was the reaction of the French to the recently published UN report, which States that mankind was only 12 years old to prevent the effects of global warming. By 2030 a temperature increase of the Earth’s surface will reach the critical threshold of 1.5 degrees Celsius.

“This is the period between today and 2030. It will not happen in 2050. Because 50 year those who make the decisions today, will be no more, they don’t have to explain. So today, those who are in power may make necessary decisions to save the planet,” says this resident of Paris.

“The necessary political decisions, in particular, the budget allocated to renewable energy and ecological transition. The money for this, they are the banks – the savings of the French that are currently used for fossil energy. Therefore, the priority is to use the money for the energy transition,” believes this man.

The UN in a recent report urged all States to take “unprecedented” measures to avoid catastrophic consequences of global warming. If the change is not stopped, then, according to the experts, they will lead to extreme precipitation, floods, droughts, fires and food shortages for hundreds of millions of people.

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