Denault wants the vg to be interested in the Bitfarms file

Councilor Marc Denault asked the Auditor General to look into the process that allowed Bitfarms to set up on Rue de la Pointe, near Lucien-Blanchard Beach.
M . Denault reminds that despite the company’s efforts to minimize the noise produced by its huge fans, it questions “the process of granting business permits and the procedures that could be modified in order to to prevent such a situation from happening again “.

A sound cut fence for Bitfarms

He asks the Auditor General to investigate “the process of analyzing relocation files or business start-ups”. “I hope she can work […] in order to understand the process of granting the various authorizations and to propose improvements to current practices. Our city must be ready to welcome growing businesses, but we must look for social acceptability to ensure a harmonious living environment between citizens and businesses. ”

Marc Denault also proposes that City Council adopt a notice of motion to amend the zoning by-law in the area concerned. It would prohibit the issuance of building permits in this area until light is shed on this case.

“The people of the sector questioned at an information evening held by Bitfarms why the city has allowed such an implementation. I can say on my own behalf and that of Mr. [Paul] Gingues that it was not so nice to be here. From the point of view of urban planning, Sherbrooke Innopole, Hydro-Sherbrooke, we must review our ways of doing things to work across the board. ”

Mr. Denault does not blame the company Bitfarms. “It is our responsibility to ensure, when there is a transaction, to analyze the impact it may have on the neighborhood. The company is a collaborator, but we have to make sure it does not happen again. As we work to find solutions, we do not do anything else. ”

Remember that citizens of Raimbault Street deplore the noise generated by Bitfarms, reporting that they have trouble sleeping due to sound impacts.

“The approach is not to find a culprit, but to find a solution. The Auditor General, not being from the municipal organization, will have an objective eye. ”

Paul Gingues supported his colleague’s request.

Sherbrooke Innopole mentioned that it had suggested potential sites for the company, which had already begun to approach a real estate agent to find a building, according to the required dimensions and electricity needs. The current site was not part of Sherbrooke Innopole’s proposals.

In the City of Sherbrooke, it is reported that when a company moves to where the zoning permits, the City has few levers if the regulations are respected.

The City’s Noise By-law states that “It is forbidden at all times for any person to make or cause noise or to encourage or permit the making or causing of noise in such a manner as to impair comfort and comfort. -being one or more people from the neighborhood or bystanders “.