Denis Berinchyk – Hector Sarmiento: where to watch the championship fight of the Ukrainian

On Saturday, February 22, Ukrainian Denys Berinchyk will hold the third defense of the WBO title. His opponent will be Hector Sarmiento. To watch the fight, it will be possible on television.

The fight will take place in Brovary shopping center “Terminal”. This evening the ring will also be released Dmitry Mitrofanov, Max Bursak, Mishiko Beselia, Yuri Vishnyakov, Vasiliy Chebotar, Shamil Galaev and others. The beginning of the Boxing tournament K2 Promotions Ukraine at 18:30.

Fighting Berinchyk will begin after 21:00. It will broadcast channel “inter”. In their program the beginning of the broadcast indicated in 21:25.

Watch fight Denis Berinchyk – Hector Sarmiento will be possible online on the website Спорт24. Link to the stream will be opublikovana closer to the beginning of the battle.