Denmark was allowed to finish the construction “Nord stream-2”

Дания разрешила достроить "Северный поток-2"

The Danish authorities, the main enemy of construction of the Russian export gas pipeline “Nord stream-2”, made good on completion of the pipe laying, according to the website of the Danish energy Agency (DEA).

The Agency gave permission for the completion of a pipeline using a vessel fitted with anchor positioning. Still to work in the waters of the Kingdom was allowed only for vessels with dynamic positioning.

In the decision text it is noted that the remaining work will be done outside of the district, where there are strict requirements for environmental care. In this regard, there is possible the use of less environmentally friendly equipment, including vessels with anchor positioning.

In December last year, the United States imposed sanctions against companies involved in the construction of “Nord stream-2”. After that, pipelay, owned by Allseas, a Swiss, was forced to leave the place of work. The company-operator Nord Stream AG 2 left the ship with dynamic positioning “Akademik Chersky”, but still impossible to be fully utilized due to difficulties with insurance as most companies refuse to provide services because of concerns fall under the us restrictions.

Work can be continued using another Russian ship “Fortune”, but this required permission from Copenhagen, which is now received.