Deontay Wilder – Tyson fury: what to expect from the battle of Champions in hevewae

February 22 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas will host the fight between WBC heavyweight by DevTeam Wilder and Briton Tyson fury.

Their first match took place on December 1, 2018 and ended in a draw. Fury then struck a greater number of punches, was more accurate in nearly every round. Wilder, in turn, focused on the power of their hits and managed twice to send Tyson to the canvas of the ring.

Since each of the boxers managed to get in two more fights. The American defeated compatriot Dominic Brizil and Cuban Luis Ortiz (knockout in this fight was recognized as the best in 2019). The British first defeated the German Tom Schwartz, and then figured out Finn Otto Wallin (in this battle, Tyson received a terrible cut). And these fights was only interim in nature for the main stars of the evening of Boxing on February 22. They are, first and foremost, aims to promote this. This is not surprising. Their rematch is one of the most anticipated Boxing events this year. Moreover, it may be one of the greatest fights in the heavyweight division of all time.

What changes should we expect?

Without a doubt, boxers many times analyzed their first meeting. Together with their coaches they will take into account the mistakes he’s made in 2018.

First completely change your style of Boxing promises Tyson. He States that this time is planning not just to simply Outbox Deontay, and it definitely knocks out. To do this, even have invited the new trainer sugar hill, which this better spetsializiruetsya.

It is expected that the applicant will be less time to spend at the ropes, will be more sharply to counterattack, to invest in more powerful blows. If fury really wants to implement his words about the early end of the battle, it is probable his attempts to break into the near distance. By the way, despite its huge increase in (206 cm), he often used infayting in his past fights. For example, Derek Cooroy or Francesco Pianeta.

Deontay also has work to do. He should work actively right, cause udart in the body, to be tougher in a duel of jabs.


Wilder – fury is a typical fight of a puncher with a boxer. The first more chances to knockout, and the second to win on points. February 22, both fighters will step into the ring with more weight than in December 2018. This suggests that by the end of the match they have, especially fury, can develop fatigue. It is unlikely that we will see a knockout in the opening rounds. It is more likely that the fight will end somewhere after the halfway point. If Tyson will be able to cope with his complex character and to go the distance in order as planned, we will win. But Wilder is also a good chance for a knockout.