Dependence on Smoking occurs because of boredom

Зависимость от курения наступает из-за скуки

Former consultant psychiatrist David Magata found the cause of nicotine addiction. It turned out that people can become addicted to cigarettes due to simple boredom, writing Novosti.

The psychologist determined that people develop bad habits because of the desire it is easy to spend time without physical efforts with minimal stress. People suffering from drug and nicotine addiction just because they are bored. To combat the boredom many people go shopping, do sports or have sex, eat or spend time watching TV. However, the easiest way to alleviate his condition is Smoking. It is not so obvious can cause harm, like drugs, and also takes not much time and money.

Relaxation through Smoking acts as an extra release of dopamine into the blood, which often provokes a lack of this hormone and the body becomes addicted. Thus, a simple and fast solution to boredom can lead to side effect in the form of nicotine addiction.