Deputies failed to vote for school number 36, but then “extended” schools in their districts

Депутаты провалили голосование за школу №36, но потом «протянули» школы на своих округах

Deputies of the Nikolaev city Council from the Opposition bloc failed to vote on the allocation of funds for the completion of repairs to the 36-th school, but worried about the schools in their districts.

About it I there was a speech during meeting of the constant Deputy Commission on questions of economic and investment policy, planning, budget, Finance, Wednesday, may 22.

The Commission began with a scandal – parents of pupils of school No. 36 came to the meeting to demand a speedy completion of the renovation, which lasted more than a year. During this school year children in General, don’t exercise, according to the parents, due to repair works to many students is often bad. They were asked to find the funds to complete repairs before the start of the new academic year. However, all was not so simple. MPs for a very long time to sort things out among themselves, blaming each other for this situation, and Recalling who and how voted for the budget of Nikolaev. For a half hour the screams from the room # 357 echoed throughout the third floor of city hall. It should be noted that this school is in the constituency of the Deputy from “Our region” Sergey Kartsev. And at some peak of the scandal, Kartsev reassured people that the problem is not them, just a school in his district, so this causes resentment among his colleagues from other factions. When the Deputy Igor Kopeyka tried to blame the conflict Kartseva, parents protested and asked not to touch the MP, as it is clear that everyone only cares about his district, but their work Kartseva satisfied. Moreover, nikolayevets during the proceedings asked the Commission members to settle down, to stop dividing the city into districts, to sort things out among themselves and finally make peace and work for the good of the city – their requests remained unheeded. Here is an excerpt of one of the dialogues:

Yeah make up you have, and make friends, said the mother of the student.

Against whom to be friends? – asked the Deputy.

What are friends against someone? – surprised the parent.

After much debate, the deputies by majority of votes failed the financing of the repair of the deputies from “opposition bloc” voted “for” only Vyacheslav Jankov.

After Commission members from the “Our land” left the Commission, together with them went somewhere and the Deputy from “Samopomich” Vyacheslav Apanasenko. The quorum was only due to the fact that all members of the Commission from the “Opposition bloc” continued to work.

The Commission came to the Deputy Anatoly Dyumin who had a similar request: allocate funds for the completion of kindergarten in his neighborhood, all the deputies unanimously supported his request. After that, the Deputy Svetlana Lasuriya also asked his colleagues to vote to the Department of Finance found funds to construct a fence around the school in Ternovka and supported her colleagues. MP Vyacheslav Jankov voiced a similar request, only with regards to the toilets in the educational institution in his district – and this time all voted in favor. But parents of school No. 36 will have to appear again at the Commission meeting, in the hope that the deputies still solve the problem that concerns their children.

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