Deputies from the Servants of the people of Kreidenko nominated for the title of “Balabol populist”

Депутата от Слуги народа Владимира Крейденко номинировали на звание «Балабол и популист»

The threat of the people’s Deputy from the Servants of the people of Creedence on the dissolution of the Melitopol city Council was nothing more than populism. The irony is that public servants are still not fulfilled his campaign promise to pass a law about democracy. For empty statements the group “Antipopulist” on the page in social network “Facebook”is nominated Vladimir Kreidenko for the title of “the Main populist of the day.”

We will remind, Vladimir Kreidenko together with his assistants broke down the door to the session hall, I sat down in the chair and suggested that the Secretary of the Council came to him to talk about the rate of heat. After pouring water on their opponents and crush of supporters and opponents of the people’s Deputy, Vladimir Kreidenko perched on the table, promised to register it in the VR the resolution on the dissolution of the city Council.

However, there is a problem – for the dissolution of the city Council and appointment of early elections should be legitimate. They are spelled out in article 78 of the law “On local self-government in Ukraine”. Three of them: if the Council took a decision in violation of the Constitution of Ukraine, this and other laws, the rights and freedoms of citizens, while ignoring the requirements of the competent bodies on bringing these decisions into compliance with the law; if the Council sessions are not held without valid reasons within the terms established by this law, or the Board decides on the issues ascribed to its jurisdiction; under the laws of Ukraine “On civil-military administrations”, “On legal regime of martial law”, – writes “Antipopulist”.

But in addition to the grounds there is also a procedure. According to her powers of local councils may be terminated early by decision of the local referendum. Its procedure is determined by the law on local referendums. Which we do not, because this law is repealed in November 2012. But “servant” is still not fulfilled his campaign promise to pass a law about democracy.

The other way is the issue of early termination of powers of city Council may be initiated by the mayor, and not less than one tenth of the citizens residing in the respective territory and having the right to vote. Another option – the Chairman yeah, in this case, Zaporizhia, may appeal to the Parliament with a request for dissolution of the local Council, which violates the laws of Ukraine, however, these violations must be brought by the courts and the conclusions of the relevant Committee of the Verkhovna Rada.

From this we simple conclusion – the statement of Mr. Kreidenko populist, it does not entail any legal consequences for the Melitopol city Council.