Deputy Minister of education and science wrote a letter of resignation

Заместитель министра образования и науки написал заявление об увольнении

At the same time he doubts that the steps which have been made in education, “will go back”.

Egor Herd wrote a letter of resignation from the post of Deputy Minister of education and science.

He reported about it on the page in Facebook.

The herd reminded that answered to mon for the introduction of transparent and objective principles for the allocation of public funding between universities, the emergence of the KPI (performance indicator – the UNIAN) in contracts of rectors and the new review panel, which “is not afraid to stop the pseudoscience and plagiarism.”

“All of these steps are not only qualitatively new and effective policy, it signals to those who are so tired of simulation and lies that are sometimes very serious struck our higher education. This signals that coordinate system may be different, the rules of the game can reward for honest, quality work, those who are better receive more than those who are worse, simulation is no longer welcome,” – he wrote.

The Herd also urged his colleagues not to despair. “Over the past few days so many people asked me about the same thing: “And if you go back?”. Nothing terrible, we all saw that rules can be fair. Even if you roll back something (which I doubt very much), believe me, we did it for six months, then the next time we’ll do in three months. I once said: “a Key challenge for the reforms is the frustration of people, all the rest is bureaucratic difficulties,” he said.

The herd thanked all who worked in the Ministry for 10 months.

June 18, MP from the “Servants of the people” Alexander Kachura said that President Vladimir Zelensky asked for a fraction of the “Servant of the people” to support the candidacy of Scarlet to the post of Minister of education.

June 19, Kachura said that his faction is no votes for the appointment of Scarlet.

According to people’s Deputy Irina Vereschuk (fraction “servant of the people”), the members of the relevant parliamentary Committee has raised questions about alleged plagiarism in the dissertation Scarlet and his “political bias” due to media reports that in the past he had been a member of the Party of regions.

Today, June 25, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine appointed Scarlet to the position of acting Minister of education and science.

The Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal announced that the appointment of the Deputy Minister of education and science.

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