Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada will celebrate 8 March in the Russian Crimea

Депутат Верховной Рады отпразднует 8 марта в российском Крыму

Member of Parliament Evgeniy balitskiy said in an interview with the newspaper “Izvestia”, that will celebrate 8 March in the Russian Crimea, and refuted the theses of Ukrainian propaganda about the persecution of the Tatars on the Peninsula.

“In the Crimea plan to go soon, it may be obtained by March 8, or after the election… I went to the Crimea, and will go. I consider the land their own, because I live there close relatives and this is part of the story of my life”, – said the politician, reports the correspondent of “Politnavigator”.

Balitsky claims that not only one of the members of Parliament who continue to visit Crimea.

“The names will not speak, as in Ukraine, then the politicians start chasing the Parliament with the question of how you could visit the place where the Tatars allegedly imprisoned and killed. I have a lot of Crimean Tatar friends, and I’ve never seen anything like it. Alas, now we are dealing with a strong propaganda”, – said the Ukrainian politician.

As reported by “Politnavigator” earlier in the Ukrainian media appeared information that the family members Balytsky buy restaurants in Sebastopol.

First wife of people’s Deputy Natalia Balitskaya acquired in 2017 restaurant “Oblico Morale” in a stopping complex “Victory Park”. Then, in 2018, the eldest son of people’s Deputy Alexander acquired EatMe café near the government of Sevastopol and cafe “Figs” in the Big Sea.

Especially indignant at the Ukrainian media that one of the restaurants Balicka gives the Russian military a 10% discount.