Deputy Prime Minister Italy, accused the Ukrainians of a serious offense: “Without fear…”

Вице-премьер Италии обвинил украинцев в серьезном преступлении: «Без страха...»

The accomplices of Ukrainians revealed decent Arsenal of weapons with a missile air-to-air

Reported on the preparation of the assassination attempt on Deputy Prime Minister of the Italian militiamen of the citizen of Russia, former KGB agent.

Ukrainians were involved in the assassination of Vice-Prime Minister of Italy and Minister of internal Affairs of the country, leader of the nationalist party “League” Matteo Salvini. He stated this, noting that the seizure in Torino weapons with a missile air-to-air is concerned with investigating the preparation of the attempt on his life by a group of Ukrainians, writes the newspaper Corriere della Sera.

Salvini said that constantly receives threats of physical destruction.

“It was one of the many death threats that I receive every day and not tell” – said Salvini. He stressed that this time OPENSAT was serious and it was not about “the mad and the dreamers”.

“I’m glad that this threat has helped in my address helped found an Arsenal of some crazy,” said Italian politician.

It is reported that the murder was planned Salvini Italian extremists, who fought in the Donbass on the party of fighters. Meanwhile, Italian law enforcement authorities have not found confirmation of this information. But took over the investigation, during which they managed to intercept a telephone conversation in which they discussed the possible sale of missiles.

“The investigation started because of the statement about a possible assassination attempt on me by foreigners, led to the discovery of an Arsenal of weapons and arrests of neo-Nazis. Thanks to the forces of law and order I go forward without fear,” – said Matteo Salvini.

The result of the investigation in Turin were seized weapons, the French Matra rocket of a class air-air and items with Nazi symbols.

As previously reported, the Italian edition of Italiani Foreign Fighter published an article about the large group of Italian mercenaries fighting in the occupied Donbas on the side controlled by the Russian terrorists of so-called DNR and LNR.

In total, according to Italian media reports, about 40 Italians fighting on the territory of Donbass.

Here, for example, some of them:

Andrea Palmer from the Italian city of Florence, a fugitive from Italian police, the leader of the group “the Bulldog”-Lucca-Ultras, has convictions for criminal conspiracy and violence, as well as time for beating up a supporter of the left movement. Considers himself a fascist. With the end of 2014 is listed in the ranks of the “DNR” and said in multiple interviews that feels like home, surrounded by “real Nazis”.

Massimiliano Cavalleri, Callsign “Spartacus”, was born in Brescia in 1984, follows a neo-fascist political views, fighting in Lugansk were seen in Donetsk. In an interview notes that he participated in the battles for the Donetsk airport.

Gabriele Carugati, codename “Archangel”, a native of Milan, has political connections with the Northern League (Lega Nord) Salvini. His mother, Silvana Marin, Secretary of the Northern League, Kairat. One of the first Italians who along with Massimiliano Cavalleri took part in the battles in the Donbass in 2014.

Вице-премьер Италии обвинил украинцев в серьезном преступлении: «Без страха...»

Вице-премьер Италии обвинил украинцев в серьезном преступлении: «Без страха...»