Der Spiegel: Russia chooses the shortest way

Der Spiegel: Россия выбирает короткий путь

“State biotech companies and research institutions all over the world for several months working on the vaccine for the coronavirus Sars-CoV-2. Many participants reported their successes, but one state wants to overshadow all others,” writes the German magazine Der Spiegel.

What lies behind the announcements of Russia about the invention of the vaccine against the coronavirus? – the edition asks a question.

“A mysterious tool called a “Gam-KOVID VAK Leo” and was developed at the research center of epidemiology them. Gamalei in Moscow. It is known that “Gam-KOVID VAK Leo” is the so-called vector vaccine,” – said in the article.

“Its basis is non-hazardous to human viruses, the so-called vectors. They serve as carriers of parts of the genetic material of the pathogen, which should be done vaccination. The body recognizes the foreignness of the genetic material and produces antibodies, which prevent infection at the present meeting with the virus – that’s the theory,” explains the publication.

“In the case of vector vaccines there is a risk that immune system will deal with vectors and this will result in side effects or a vaccine won’t work. Experts fear that in the race for the invention of the first vaccine against a coronavirus Russia is on too high of a risk and disregards safety standards. For example, an American infectious disease specialist Anthony Fauci, said earlier this month that he hoped that the Russians will test their vaccines before they vaccinate people.”

“Experts fear that was whipped up a tool that later prove ineffective or too risky, can undermine confidence in the vaccine Sars-CoV-2 and vaccination in General. The currently known information about the Russian development is in doubt that the remedy was adequate testing for registration in accordance with medical standards,” writes Der Spiegel.

“The results of clinical trials on humans have not yet been published. We only know that from the middle of June, the vaccine is tested on 38 people. According to Russian news agencies, the vaccine does not cause side effects. However, this is unlikely,” – says the publication.

“In fact injection of the vaccine always leads to at least pain or redness at the injection site. It’s not a critical complications, but they should be documented. Doubts arise when this is not happening”.

“To emphasize the security of your funds, developed by the Russian vaccines Alexander Ginzburg argues that experienced a tool on its own. However, it says nothing about its acceptability and effectiveness at vaccination of the entire population, people with existing diseases and the elderly. Tests that would prove this are not yet available”.

“Only after registration of the vaccine Russia intends to test it on a large group of people. According to the state news Agency Interfax, Minister of health of Russia Mikhail Murashko announced that in order to confirm the results of the first study, testing will involve about 800 people. This is contrary to the generally accepted procedure in the development of vaccines”, – says the publication.

“Usually after tests in the laboratory and on animals it is necessary to conduct three stages of testing in humans before the vaccine will be registered. In the first stage, a means of receiving a small group of healthy volunteers. The second phase of the vaccine being tested on humans with the disease. This step is testing whether the drug prevents the development of a specific disease. Sometimes the first and second phases are combined to save time. This also applies to the first Russian study of the vaccine”.

“A crucial role in the suitability of the tool for widespread use, ultimately plays the result of the research the third stage. Here are vaccinated a large group of volunteers to confirm the validity and safety of vaccines. Sometimes vaccinations are exposed to tens of thousands of subjects”.

“It’s important for the detection of more rare side effects and ensure reliable protection, which gives the vaccine. It should be noted that the expression of the side effect from one of 10 thousand people is not detected in small studies, however, vaccination of the entire population from it can suffer tens of thousands of people”, – specifies the edition.