“Desert snake” in Armenia of the ancient Egyptian pyramids

Age unique structures called “desert snake”, the scientists called in for thousands of years. The answer to the mystery of these buildings could change the generally accepted history of world civilization.

«Пустынные змеи» в Армении древнее египетских пирамид

Some of these structures on the territory of Armenia date back to the XII-VI Millennium BC (the new stone age). They are older than the Egyptian pyramids. Externally, the buildings resemble geometric shapes or animals. About these strange figures said archaeologist Mariam shakhmuradian.

A group of archaeologists, which will include Miriam in October is going to start archaeological work in the village Aragatsavan Aragatsotn region. The objective of this work is to determine the age are there “desert snakes”. “Desert snake” and sintering the houses here are built of rough stone. Facilities are located on the slopes of mountains at an altitude of 900-1400 m. it is likely that such facilities were in the plains, but over the past Millennium they destroyed.

Archaeologists say that such structures are in Armavir, Aragatsotn and Syunik regions, they can be the ancient Egyptian pyramids.

For the first time the “desert snakes” saw the British military pilots in the 20-ies of the last century. Later, similar structures found in the countries of Central Asia, the Middle East and the Arabian Peninsula. The purpose of these structures may be iconic, but maybe they were intended for hunting.

On the territory of Armenia were also found ancient structures in the form of an inverted V: stone walls begin quite far apart and gradually come closer. The purpose of these buildings is unknown.

The study of stone snakes with 2011, in addition to Armenian archaeologists, also involved scientists from France. And in September will begin to work on Israeli-Armenian expedition. The object of her study will be V-shaped stone snake.

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