“Desna” bypassed “Dynamo” in the battle for Champions League qualifying, Bottas won the Grand Prix of Austria: breaking news 5 Jul

"Десна" обошла "Динамо" в битве за ЛЧ, Боттас выиграл гран-при Австрии: главные новости 5 июля

"Десна" обошла "Динамо" в битве за ЛЧ, Боттас выиграл гран-при Австрии: главные новости 5 июля

Austria held its first Grand Prix Formula 1 season 2020, and the struggle for the medals of the championship of Ukraine on football has escalated to the extreme. The main thing about sports for 5 July – read digest.

The battle for medals of the Premier League

Sunday took place three matches of the championship of Ukraine on football, reports 24 channel. In two matches played teams that are fighting for silver and bronze medals.

“Desna” in his field trashed the “Ear” – 5:1. The convincing victory of wards of Alexander Ryabokon allowed them to come in second place.

Chernigov, who spend only the second season in the Premier League, equal points with Dinamo – 55. However it “gums” holds the second place for best stats in the matches against Dynamo.

The failure of “Dynamo” not used “Zorya” Luhansk, which has divided points with “Alexandria” – 2:2. The victory in round 29 allowed Zorya to leave on a pure second place.

Now the Luhansk for three rounds before the end of the season is 4th place and losing to competitors one point.

Second place in the championship of Ukraine guarantees the participation in the Champions League qualification season 2020/2021.

Almost devoid of motivation now Alexandria. The team of Vladimir Sharan lost all chances to fight for awards.

Bottas won the first Grand Prix of the season

Mercedes Finnish driver Valtteri Bottas won the first Grand Prix of the season in 2020 Formula 1. Finn had no equal on the track in Austria.

Starting first, Bottas nobody lost leadership in the race.

During the race, many teams had technical problems, with the result that before the finish got only 11 pilots from 20.

The sensation was a double a gathering of pilots of Red Bull max Verstappen and Alex Mirel Albon.

The denouement of the race, which went three times the safety car has come in the last laps. Lewis Hamilton out of the ticket in 5 seconds lost the podium Charles LeClair and Lando Norris.

"Десна" обошла "Динамо" в битве за ЛЧ, Боттас выиграл гран-при Австрии: главные новости 5 июля

"Десна" обошла "Динамо" в битве за ЛЧ, Боттас выиграл гран-при Австрии: главные новости 5 июля

The results of the Grand Prix of Austria / Photo twitter.com/F1

In Armenia was disqualified by the Ukrainians

In the First League of Armenia there was a loud football scandal over match-fixing. 45 representatives of football disqualified, of which half were of Ukrainian Legionnaires.

The football Federation of Armenia made a decision on the First stop of the League and the suspension of several players due to fixed matches.

In particular, under the distribution hit the clubs “Aragats”, “torpedo”, “Masis”, “locomotive” and “Yerevan”. Disqualified 58 people, 45 of them received a life ban for football.

Among the most famous Ukrainian foreign players in Armenia, it can be noted Oleg Gumenyuk, who has previously played for Chornomorets, Tavriya, Volyn, Sergey Litovchenko from Arsenal, Timothy Sheremet, who played for the colors of the Zaporozhye “metallurg”.

Disqualified for life Ukrainians

  • Eugene Zakharchenko (“Agribusiness”).
  • Igor Bykovsky (Mariupol).
  • Artem Pilipenko (“Arsenal”).
  • Ilya Stilts (“Miner”).
  • Sergey Dyachuk (“Dnepr”).
  • Dmitry Kopytov (“Steel”).
  • Anton Antoshin (“Steel”)
  • Jaroslav Yasnitsky (“Agribusiness”).
  • Anatoliy piskovets (extremer Volyn).
  • Bogdan Sukhodub (“Mariupol”).
  • Dmitry P. (“Metalist-1925”).
  • Ilya Glushytskiy (Hoverla).
  • Eugene Konyashin (“Arsenal”).
  • Maxim Fractional (the owner of the Armenian “Locomotive”).
  • Egor Meadow (“Sumy”).
  • Rostislav Kozar (the owner of the Armenian “Aragats”).
  • Yuri Okul (coach of the Armenian “Aragats”).

One year of disqualification was received by Miroslav Dida (Volyn) and Dmitry Mikhailenko (“Chernomorets”).

For three years disqualified Mikhail Popov (“Chernomorets”), Alexei Bondarenko (“real farm”) and Nikita Filatov (“Olympic”).

Semerenko sisters, will remain in the team

The coach of the national team of Ukraine on biathlon Juraj Sanitra hopes for many years of the team’s leaders Semerenko sisters in the new season.

Sanitra, which is now coached men and women teams, spoke about the changes in the training approach.

“You know that Semerenko sisters still have a reserve. Now work on that some things can change – training in shooting, in psychology. So looking at the future about the Semerenko sisters are very optimistic,” – said Sanity.

Semerenko sisters, who, for 34 years, prize-winners of world Championships and Olympic games in the national team of Ukraine.

Sanetra believes that the women’s team needs to improve shooting.

Speed shooting we are one of the best teams in the world. I see that more work was needed to spend with the girls. They have the rate of fire was the limit last season. Therefore, there will be more work
– the coach said.

Note that the leading women of the women’s team of Ukraine Olena Pidhrushna and Yulia Jim to train individually with their personal trainers.

Under the leadership of Sanitry will work Valentyna Semerenko, Vita Semerenko, Darya Blashko, Yulia Zhuravok and Catherine Bech.

Slovak specialist said that during training camp in Sanok (Lviv region) in very good working atmosphere.

“See what the boys and girls with a very serious attitude of doing hard work in training”, – concluded Sanitra.

A new biathlon season kicks off world Cup in Kontiolahti (Finland) 28 Nov.

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