“Desna” defeated “ear” and bypassed “Dynamo” in the battle for Champions League: live

"Десна" разгромила "Колос" и обошла "Динамо" в битве за Лигу чемпионов: видео

"Десна" разгромила "Колос" и обошла "Динамо" в битве за Лигу чемпионов: видео

Chernihiv “Desna” won a second consecutive victory in the championship of Ukraine. 5th July as part of the 29th Matchday of the Premier League Chernigov defeated Kolos and came in second place in the standings.

Desna – Kolos 5:1

Goals: Budkovskyy, 9, Favorov, 37, 78, Old 87, Totovitskyy, 90+1 – Kozhushko, 89

The match

Already in the third minute of the game the hosts were close to open the scoring. Kartashovo a few centimeters is not enough to close at the far post the verified lumbago Khlyobas.

And still “the Northmen” had a quick goal. Kuzyk was on the left flank, stretched out closer to the gate and gave it to the Khlyobas. The last to touch hung exactly at Budkovskiy, who struck in opposition Volynets – 1:0.

In the 18th minute Desna claimed for a penalty. Gavrish brought down in the penalty Kartashova, but the referee saw no infringement. System VAR on the game was not.

In the 37th minute Desna doubled the advantage. Denys Favorov discharged the gun from a distance and got into the near corner. Volynets is not saved partners.

After the break, the visitors squeezed “the Gums”. A good time was a “spike” at the 51st minute. After a dangerous shot Lysenko “Gum” from the goal the goalkeeper saved Pastes. In time he jumped into a corner, having beaten off the ball with his hands.

On 63 minutes almost made the score devastating Kuzyk. The ball after its distant blow with the help of a deflection, hit the post.

Despite the pressure “spikes” that Chernigov was able to score. On the 77th minute Kuzyk burst into the penalty area where he was hit by a old penalty. A shot from the point surely realized Favorov and scored twice.

Crazy interchange

On 87 minutes “Desna” finished off-site. Fresh Filippov on the left flank beat Chernomorets and crossed it into the box on the Old. He met the shoulder of defenders and scored another goal in the gate “of the Ear”.

But the consolation goal was able to hold Kozhushko. Player Kolos completed a pass of Antocha from the flank, hitting the corner of the goal.

Fat point in the game was put Totovitskyy. Player “Gums” scored the goal, Curling a corner with a dry sheet.

Desna – ear video of the match

  • With this victory, “gums” went well, second place, at least until their match 29 round played “dawn”. Night Luhansk meet with “Alexandria”.
  • Chernigov after 29 rounds scored 55 points, as Kiev “Dynamo”. However, Desna ahead of Dynamo due to better statistics in internal matches.
  • As you know, second place in the championship of Ukraine gives the right to play in the Champions League qualification. Third – straight pass to the group stage of the Europa League.

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