Destructive “Mangkhut”

Разрушительный "Мангхут"

The victims of the disaster in the Philippines, according to the latest data, there were more than 60 people and injured dozens. A powerful Pacific Typhoon “Mangkhut” caused heavy rains, floods and landslides. In the North of the Philippines, listed as missing about 40 miners. In many areas a month before the harvest, destroyed a rice plantation.

A resident of Baguio city says: “I thought my baby would not survive, all the cars were locked, and he was covered in blood and lost consciousness. But we survived, there were no serious injuries.”

In Hong Kong for medical assistance about 200 people. Epicenter “of Mangkhut” was held in the vicinity of the metropolis — a distance of just 100 km the City was covered with tropical storms and hurricane winds with gusts up to 175 km/h. In some areas the water level rose by three feet.

In the former Portuguese enclave of Macau, considered the largest gambling area in the world, has suspended the work of all casinos.

The Typhoon, losing strength, advanced deeper into the mainland China in Guangdong province. Reported the deaths of two people. Local authorities evacuated from dangerous areas, two and a half million inhabitants.

“Mangkhut” continue moving in a North-westerly direction, will bring torrential rains in the Autonomous region Guangxi and eventually will weaken on Tuesday.

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