Detail for fighter of the U.S. air force printed on a 3D printer

Деталь для истребителя ВВС США напечатали на 3D-принтере

American armed forces used a 3D printer in the creation of titanium parts for the new F-22 fighter. As reported by Flight global, the item was installed on one of the fighter forces brigade of the 574th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron in December of last year.

It is noted that it was produced 195 F-22 fighters, mass production of these machines has already ended, so you can find the details for combat aircraft may be difficult.

According to experts, the use of 3D printing techniques will give the opportunity to create the missing parts without the necessity of forming a minimum order and in the shortest time. It is also noted that the experts intend to monitor the part during operation and if it will not cause any problems, ready to install five more parts made using a 3D printer.