Details became known of the death of beloved Pevtsov

Стали известны подробности смерти любимой женщины Певцова

Now the actor is going through difficult death of his mother.

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Dmitry Pevtsov has told fans about family loss only over time. Now the actor grieved the loss of his closest person. As told by the artist’s wife, Olga Drozdova, her mother-in-law died without suffering and even agreed to accept Christianity before his death.

Recall that just recently, the actor was finally able to tell the public that buried his mother. Noemi Semenovna died on 92-m to year of life on 9 June. Her passing was not unexpected, the woman “happily went” home, dear ones. Before her death, she lived with her son and his family. The household was surrounded by the elderly woman with concern and were even afraid to once again go out. Noemi Semenovna were not ill, she had time to say goodbye to all the family, shared with “Komsomolskaya Pravda” wife Pevtsov Olga Drozdova.

“We’ve kept her, she left gradually, as it is almost 92 years old. We prayed for her,” said the wife of the actor.

Drozdov also added that for them the important point was the baptism of Noemi Semenovna. The elderly woman was an atheist, but before his death had agreed to accept Orthodoxy. It was christened as Nina. Wife Pevtsov said that if someone wants to pray for the deceased, then the candle should be put exactly on the name.