Detectives NAB to conduct searches in NKREKU: known cause

Детективы НАБУ проводят обыски в НКРЭКУ: известна причина

The investigators anti-corruption Bureau on February 14 came with a search warrant in the building of the National Commission, carrying out state regulation in the field of energy and utilities (NTRAK) in the investigation of the case “Rotterdam+”.

According to the lawyer of the national Commission Irina Odinets, the Commission is not locked, write “Ukrainian news”.

In searches involving 11 investigators NABOO.

“Detectives came by NABU consisting of 11 people. Along with some “expert”. “Specialist” has not presented documents. Investigative actions take place only in the offices of several employees who are not members of the Commission. The work of the Commission is not locked. In my opinion, the search is an attempt to justify the work of 50 detectives NABOO, who unsuccessfully investigating the case “Rotterdam+” for two years. Interestingly, the judge issued a search warrant on February 12. On this day in the media appeared reports that the research Institute of Economics and forecasting of NAS of Ukraine found no adverse effects from the formula “Rotterdam+”. And management statements on NABOO, which were referred to the study, telling about mythical loss from formula do not correspond to reality”, – commented Irina Odintsov.

Confirmation the search from the NABU as of 13 hours 24 channels could not be obtained.

What’s wrong with “Rotterdam+”? This method of formation of prices on the fuel component (namely coal) for electricity production in thermal power plants in Ukraine.

Act beginning in may 2016 as a result of the loss of Ukraine’s control of Donetsk coal basin – because of the war in the Donbass. Because Donbas coal is almost entirely under the control of the occupiers, the Ukrainian authorities to ensure the independence has decided to buy coal for the international exchange in the Netherlands, where he, in turn, comes from South Africa and South America.

The national Commission on energy and communal services has developed (in particular, the author indicates Dmitry Vovk, the former head of NTRAK) and adopted this technique. The Department assured that the formula will eliminate the manual adjustment of prices, will provide independence from supply from the zone of the ATO, will save Ukraine from problems with the sufficiency of coal for the heating season.

Of corruption techniques was also expressed by the experts and deputies, and officials. In March 2017, four individuals challenged the action of the “Rotterdam” in court. But the Kiev appellate economic court upheld the action of the methodology in force, the claims dismissed.

In July, the Solomensky district court of Kiev refused to satisfy the petition of the detectives NAB regarding temporary access to the documents of the ten banks that are associated with accounts and movement of money “Centrenergo” and “DTEK Dniproenergo”. In September, detectives NAB this court allowed temporary access to the accounts of “DTEK Dniproenergo” in “Ukrsotsbank”. Later, on 24 March 2017, the National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine began pre-judicial investigation against officials of the national Commission. The reason is the abuse of office in connection with the method of “Rotterdam+”. 17 Aug 2017 NABOO raided the building of NTRAK.

Now the investigation “corruption”, “Rotterdam+” continues.

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Детективы НАБУ проводят обыски в НКРЭКУ: известна причина