Detectives searched NABOO “Agrarian Fund”: known cause

Детективы НАБУ обыскивают "Аграрный фонд": известна причина

Detectives of the National anti-corruption Bureau on February 7-8 searched private joint-stock company “Agrarian Fund”. Searches are under investigation for embezzlement by the company’s employees more than 240 million hryvnia in the procurement, storage, packaging of fertilizers in the years 2017-2018.

NABU said that demanded “Agrarian Fund” to provide temporary access to documents necessary for investigations. However, officials of the company refused to comply with a decision of the court. So the detectives are forced to withhold these documents under compulsion.

NABU also said that representatives of the “Agrarian Fund” deliberately delaying the completion of investigations.

Now about a hundred employees of the company are under the open sky, as they are not allowed to enter the building, until searched. In NABOO say that pre-warned about this leaders of the “Agrarian Fund”. However, the company’s employees were not warned about this, and people waiting in the cold.

In turn, the head of the Board “Agrarnogo Fund” Andriy Radchenko argues that the searches are unfounded.

I just have today to appeal directly to the President of Ukraine, Prime-Minister of Ukraine and the relevant Minister, the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada, in particular the Agricultural Committee, with a request to intervene and to take under personal control a situation that is unfolding today around the “Agricultural Fund”,

– said Radchenko.

What is the “Agrarian Fund”? The company was founded in 2013 and is the owner of 100% of its shares is the state represented by the Ministry of agrarian policy and food of Ukraine. “Agrarian Fund” – one of the leading operators of agricultural industry economy of Ukraine. The company buys about one million tons of grain and sells flour. In 2018, the company paid to the budget of 71 million UAH of dividends. The head of the company in 2015 is Andrey Radchenko.

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Детективы НАБУ обыскивают "Аграрный фонд": известна причина