Deutsche Bank will dismiss 18 thousand employees and strengthen the financial monitoring

Deutsche Bank уволит 18 тыс. работников и усилит финмониторинг

The financial institution announced major restructuring.

German Deutsche Bank in the next three years will reduce about 20% of staff up to 2022 are going to dismiss 18 thousand employees. The financial institution conducts large-scale restructuring, which will cost €7.4 billion, according to Deutsche Welle, with reference to the statement of the management Board. The shareholders said that by the end of 2019 and 2020 years of dividends to pay is not going.

By 2020, the German Bank will 74 thousand employees working full time. While Deutsche Bank intends to 2022 to invest €4 billion in streamlining internal processes, strengthening financial monitoring and increasing the efficiency of their work.

Probably, partly to the restructuring of the financial institution prompted a predictable loss in the second quarter, 2019. During this period the Bank expects losses (before tax) on €500 million In 2018 by Deutsche Bank for the first time since 2014 showed the lowest profit of €341 million

We will remind, earlier wrote that Deutsche Bank confiscated Venezuela 20 tons of gold, because she has not fulfilled the agreement on its currency in the amount of $750 million the Government of President Maduro just delayed the payment of the interest on the loan.