Developed a bracelet that controls emotions

Разработали браслет, который контролирует эмоции

British engineers have developed a bracelet that will help people with depression, anxiety and bipolar disorders to track their emotions.

The bracelet changes color, is heated, compressed, or vibrates when its owner is experiencing strong emotional arousal. The gadget responds to the temperature and the electrical activity of the skin, says itechpost.

According to the developers, it is a simple and inexpensive device for monitoring mood, which will be useful to people with affective disorders and who have problems with emotion recognition.

Разработали браслет, который контролирует эмоции

Smart bracelet will help to overcome mental illness

Volunteers who wore the device from eight to sixteen hours, reported several emotional jumping – on average from four to eight cases.

Signals are transmitted when people played games, worked, interacted with each other, watched movies, laughed, rested, or was frightened of something.

Thanks bracelet the volunteers were able to examine the reasons why their mood changed dramatically.

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