Developed a prosthetic hand with sense of touch

Разработан протез руки с ощущениями прикосновения

Scientists have made a huge scientific breakthrough, creating a prosthetic hand, which had the ability to execute commands of the brain and transmit the sensation of touch.

The operation was conducted in the hospital of the University of Gothenburg. Swede established Italian prosthesis with working nerves and muscles, combining it with an implant made of titanium, which is implanted in the radius.

The improvement of the prosthetic hand was linked to the scarcity and unreliability of information than conventional prostheses. You can perform only a few simple steps, for example, to decompress and compress the palm of the hand.

This prosthesis is suitable for daily life, not just for laboratory research. Now the woman reabilitarea and re-learning to manage the missing hand.

The next operation will take place for one Swede and an Italian.