Developed laser microscope that can diagnose and treat skin cancer

Разработан лазерный микроскоп, который диагностирует и лечит рак кожи

Specialized laser microscope developed by scientists from Canada, endowed with the property of how to diagnose disease (e.g., skin cancer) and treated by non-invasive operations.

The authors – researchers from the University of British Columbia. The scientists said that the technology involved in creating the laser microscope allows you to quickly scan the tissue, and the detection of suspicious cellular structures is to perform high-precision operations without cutting the skin.

According to the researchers, the laser beam of the microscope scans the skin to a depth of one millimeter. In this developed device can affect the nerve plexus and blood vessels in the skin, the eyes and brain – and only a point, without affecting none of the healthy sites.

“We can selectively perform high-precision surgery is to treat diseased or abnormal areas inside the tissue without dissection of the skin,” said one of the study’s authors IEMA Juan.

He explained that the treatment of skin lesions, including cancer, laser microscope performs, increasing the thermal effect on the target area.

Scientists intend to develop a similar microscope in miniature. Such a device, and diagnosing and removing tumors, could be used in the treatment of digestive tract endoscopy.