Developers are outraged by the results of a study on safety of self-driving cars

Разработчиков возмутили результаты исследования о безопасности самоходных автомобилей

Companies involved in the creation of vehicles with a system of Autonomous driving, criticized a study by the Insurance Institute for highway safety USA (IIHS), according to which self-driving cars could prevent only a third of accidents in the United States. The company expressed the view that the study underestimated the capabilities of the technology of Autonomous driving.

In the study, the Insurance Institute for highway safety, the results of which were published on Thursday, were analyzed over 5,000 typical road accidents that occurred in the United States. In the end, scientists came to the conclusion that if you are using self-driving cars could be prevented an accident that occurred due to errors in control and perception or incapacitation of the driver, which is about a third of the incidents.

Representatives of the automotive industry said that their driverless vehicle is programmed to prevent a much larger number of potential accidents, including caused by more complex errors drivers due to the Commission of inadequate or incorrect evasive maneuvers.

Taking into account these decisions, Autonomous vehicles can avoid approximately 72 % of the accidents, said Automated Vehicle Partners for Education, a consortium of technology companies involved in developing technologies for Autonomous driving.

In turn, the global Association of manufacturers Alliance for Automotive Innovation indicated that even a reduction in the number of fatalities in road accidents by a third is what to be proud of, but its participants seek to achieve much more.